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Premium Beef Jerky

The delicious, healthy power snack bursting with protein. Contains no added sugar, is low carb, low calorie and 100% grass-fed beef.


100% Grass Fed

Our cows graze exclusively on the meadows of Britain and Ireland.


High Protein

Over 60% protein means our jerky is the perfect athletic snack.


Gluten Free

Our paleo status means no grain or gluten were used.


Lactose Free

But not only lactose, we are also free of artificial flavors and colours

The Flavours

“The Good” among Jerkys

During the drying process our meat reduces in size by over 50%. Paleo Jerky contains every single original nutrient of red meat, it’s just now more condense and convenient!


100g Steak Paleo Jerky


Our Ingredients.

Fresh, delicious and healthy.


Our Jerky contains variations of the following natural ingredients: beef, cilantro, vinegar, garlic, chilli, nutmeg, horseradish, salt, cloves and pepper.

The Perfect Companion

Healthy, Tasty, Convenient


After the Gym

Provide your body with 100% natural protein to support muscle growth and mental stamina.


At the Office

When the cravings hit, reach for your jerky stash in the desk drawer!


On an Adventure

From hiking to sailing, our lightweight packaging and perfectly sized portion can go anywhere.


In the Kitchen

As the highlight of a soup or hearty salad topping, Paleo Jerky will spice up almost every dish!

The beef jerky is fantastic! Like no meat I’ve ever eaten. It melts in your mouth like a mixture of good Italian bresaola and a real steak - very exciting.

Constantin Gonzalez | Paleo Expert | Founder

For endurance athletes, snacks need to be of the highest quality and rich in protein. This is genuine, 100%, pastured meat with no gluten. Paleo Jerky makes this an easy decision for me.

Andreas Müller | Founder | Luna Sandals Germany and Endurance Athlete

I am very impressed with Paleo Jerky’s taste, quality and especially it being 100% Paleo.

Michael Latroudakis | Paleo Expert and Blogger |

Just received my first delivery .... AWESOME! I do not like beef jerky and I ordered it whilst looking for a good Paleo Snack in the hope that good, grass-fed jerky is different. It tastes great and the texture is just awesome.

Alexander Harten | Customer | Paleo Jerky

switched to paleo in early 2013 and am always looking for good products that suit this lifestyle. With Paleo Jerky I’ve finally found a snack that tastes great and leaves me with a clear conscience. Also, the subscription service is just great.

Elke Kürbisch | Customer | Paleo Jerky

Paleo Jerky - What a pleasure! Even the packaging is appealing: simple and with all the information I need. Just from looking at the meat you can tell it comes from a great environment with the pieces all different thicknesses and size. The flavour is great, with the spices emphasising the taste of meat rather can covering it. This jerky is a must!

Bastian Billerbeck | Customer | Paleo Jerky

Paleo Jerky offers me a healthy & low carbohydrate snack with plenty of protein that I need as an athlete. With the perfect portion of 100 calories, I always know I can snack on Paleo Jerky before training without feeling overly full. The meat being 100% grass fed also suits my belief completely regarding sustainable and healthy food.

Moritz | Athlete | Ultra Trail Runner

As a former Olympian my diet has always been very important. At that time especially there were hardly any protein shakes, so I’ve been an avid user of dried beef and I love it. Where I’m originally from dried fish and meat are a common food anyway, but finally with Paleo Jerky I can find an even healthier version of this - keep up the great work guys!

Kofi Amoah Prah | Long Jumper | Former Olympium

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